Libi Custom Homes, LLC

About Us

About Us


Libi Custom Homes builds alluring homes in Atlanta’s finest neighborhoods. Top of class finishes with expert craftsmanship are standard and captivate discerning buyers.

Libi carefully acquires unique properties for development. We have assembled the best builders, designers, and craftsmen.  Our current offerings are displayed on the properties page. Libi’s objective as a new player in Atlanta’s luxury housing market is to quickly be ranked as one of Atlanta’s most premium builders/ developers. 

You can be assured that with a small cadre of projects each year, your house will have the world-class design, exacting craftsmanship, and attention required to successfully develop each new residence. 


  • Integrity
  • Result Driven
  • Community improvement in both our markets and the town of Libi, Ghana in West Africa.


How do we measure success? We want clients, customers, realtors, neighbors and others to feel that we have done something to enhance our shared world and in particular – The town of Libi, Ghana in West Africa. Our founder, Fuseini Wumbei is from Libi. Libi is a small community that like other African villages struggles with clean water, quality healthcare, lasting educational results, and infrastructure that enhances the community. Every year, Libi Custom Homes will give back to Libi!